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Rainbow Springs & Kiwi Encounter

2.5hr Self Guided Tour

Price from £21 per person

Make your own way to Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park, Rotorua to commence a self-guided tour. Take in the native bush, ferns, trees and plants that grow and flower all around you as you wander through the tree lined pathways. Enjoy the tranquility of the crystal clear mineral water that flows tirelessly from the subterranean springs throughout the park. Marvel at the silent grace of the magnificent specimens of trout and feed them as they cruise the fern-fringed pools. Hear the bustling bush wildlife, and meet the curious species of native birds on display. There is also an opportunity to take a behind-the-scenes glimpse at Kiwi conservation in action. Four different areas within the building are linked together to form a superb attraction based completely on Kiwi conservation. The proceeds from your entrance ticket go directly towards continuing the conservation work and enable Rainbow Springs to continue growing the numbers of Kiwi eggs they are able to hatch and raise each year onsite at Kiwi Encounter. Get up close to Kiwi in the open nocturnal house and you are able to watch Kiwi as they forage for food in an enclosure that is as similar to their natural environment as possible. Then return at night to meet the nocturnal locals; spectacularly coloured, low voltage lighting allows you to enjoy the tranquility as you roam around the park. View the Kiwi in an outdoor walk-through enclosure, and come face to face with New Zealand’s very own living dinosaur - the Tuatara.